Apollo 30 - complete

My LEGO model treat, all finished and built

It was a tough ending, but I completed my Apollo 30 exercise challenge in time for my August deadline, and now have the finished model sitting proudly on my desk.

Some highlights:

  • 30 exercises completed
  • The key thing is to link exercises into existing routines#
  • Working out and exercising doesn’t have to be daunting - start small and build up
  • Burnt around 10000 more calories than normal in the month
  • I didn’t need to give the LEGO away to my arch enemy!

As ever, life threw up numberous challenges as things get busier and more hectic. The main lesson is about breaking targets down to smaller chunks and milestones so that I could prioritise the important things each day.

I’ll be writing up about my next challenge in September!

Published 30 Aug 2019

Thoughts and comments from me, Neil Lewin, the owner of Semantic, the friendliest UK web agency.